Academic Supervision

At Dokuz Eylül University, students are offered academic supervision at every level of their degree programme.

Academic Supervisors at Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
Each student is assigned an academic consultant. The academic consultant is determined among the faculty academic staff. Academic supervisors aim at informing students about professional development and career goals, at facilitating adaptation of students to university life, informing students about course selection process.


Master’s Degree Thesis Supervisor:
In master’s programme, the thesis supervisors are chosen among the permanent lecturers upon the demand of the student.
Doctorate / Qualification in Art Thesis Supervisor:
The topic of thesis is determined together by the advisor and the student. The thesis supervisor and thesis topic are determined with the graduate school board meeting. Thesis supervisor must be assigned to the student until the end of the second semester at latest. Thesis supervisor is chosen among permanent lectures.

Career Planning and Graduate Affairs Unit
Dokuz Eylül University Career Planning and Graduate Affairs Unit provides students with the best preparation for their work life, establishes links between students and representatives of the business world, and conducts studies to make the university attractive to the student candidates. The unit aims to ensure that all students who are eligible to study in the university have the institutional cohesion and commitment from the start, prepare for the best in their working life and enhance the employment opportunities of students and graduates by introducing the potential of qualified human resources to the business world as well as strengthening cooperation with private and public institutions. What does Career Planning and Graduate Affairs Unit do for you?

1. Individual Career Counselling
2. Career Days / Fairs
3. Information and Promotion Meetings
4. Organization of Work / Internship Interviews and Exams
5. Announcement of Job / Internship and Career Opportunities
6. Conference, Seminar, Research Projects and Trainings
7. Promotion of Career and Education Opportunities Abroad
8. Cooperation and Communication with Graduates
9. Informing the Student Candidates in the University Preference Stage

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