We have 2 student dormitories affiliated to our Presidency to serve the students of Dokuz Eylül University.


Buca Girls’ Dormitory is located within the Buca Education Faculty; With a bed capacity of 204,

DEU Boys’ Dormitory is located in Buca Şirinkapı Neighborhood; It serves our students with a bed capacity of 746.


Who Cannot Apply?


Students whose families reside within the boundaries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality,

married students,

Students who have completed the age of 30,

Applications of students working in an insured job to our dormitory are not accepted.

Documents Required for Final Registration

Student certificate,

YKS Result Certificate (For Preparatory and 1st Year students),

Identity Card Copy,

Address Based Population Registration Example,

Certificate of residence,

Judicial Registry Document,

Health Report (from Tuberculosis Dispensary),

2 Photographs,

20TL (5.00TLX4) Postage Stamp,

Parent’s payroll, if the parents are not working, unemployment certificate (Muhtarlık or SGK),

Document Indicating Disability,

Document Indicating Parental Status (divorced, death etc.)

Studying Sibling Student Certificate,

Document Specifying Your Family’s Home Status (contract if it is rent, document stating that it resides in lodging if it is in lodging),

Certificate of High School and Equivalent Education in the Dormitory of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency,

Certificate of Attendance at Foundations and Free Boarding and Public Schools in Secondary Education,

Certificate of being a martyr or veteran’s child,

If there has been a natural disaster (flood, earthquake, fire) between 2021 and 2022 (Medium / Major damage), the document to be obtained from the relevant Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate,

Documents representing our Country as a National Athlete in any sport must be submitted.

For foreign students, additional residence permit, photocopy of passport, criminal record from Interpol must be submitted.